Layers of Love Stack Rings

Layers of Love Stack Rings

Sterling Silver "Layers of Love" stack rings. Size 7. One each of "Love of Self", "Love of Others", Love of the World & all its Wonders", and "Love of Spirit". 

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Beth’s fine jewelry collection, “Straight from the Heart” is recognized by four distinguished hearts designed to represent four "Layers of Love" beginning with the most important layer to understand,  “Love of Self”. It all starts with loving ourselves; “Love of Others”,  keeping closest to our heart, all those around us that enrich our life, even our pets;  “Love of the World and all its Wonders”,  appreciating all things great and small;  and “Love of Spirit”, a love we know is there, but just can’t touch…always have hope.    Beth encourages the wearer to customize each Layer of Love as it relates to her.

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