14k Gold Frame Consolacion Pendant

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Wear an unique piece of history with a coin from the shipwreck of the Spanish Galleon “Consolacion” set in sterling silver or 14k gold.
Denom: 1R
Date: 1674
Reign: Carlos II
She was carrying minted silver coins, silver bars, and gold bars valued at many millions in current US dollars. After arriving late to a port in Lima, Peru, she missed a group of ships she was supposed to travel with to Panama. Against the advice of royal officials, she sailed alone to Panama.
As she entered the bay of Guayaquil, pirate Captain Bartholomew Sharp gave chase. The Consolacion could not out run the pirates. The crew grounded her on a reef and set fire to the ship to frustrate the pirates. The crew swam to a nearby island, and the pirate captain sentenced them to death. Since then, the island has been named Isla De Muerto, Island of the Dead.
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