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About Angel Haven

At Angel Haven, there’s nothing we love more than helping to connect people with the guardian angels who watch over them. If you haven’t done it yet, enter your birthdate above to find your ArchAngel and learn more about the angel assigned to you at your birth. We’ll also share a Daily Affirmation for you to keep in mind while you’re on your journey. We believe that this is a crucial step in getting to know your angel.

Divinely inspired to share the strength and power of the seven ArchAngels, we founded Angel Haven Specialty Jewelers as a way to offer customers across the country gold and silver angel jewelry that serves as a reminder that we’re never alone.

By utilizing a combination of meaningful and unique guardian angel jewelry and unbeatable attention to detail, we’re able to craft pieces that will provide you with comfort and joy for a lifetime. Our founder, Norm Braverman, was compelled to open the doors of AngelHaven over two decades ago. Feeling a pull to help share the gifts that angels impart to those on our celestial plane, Norm is proud to offer a variety of unique jewelry, accessories, and more right here on our website.


Creativity. Quality. Service.

Divinely inspired to share the strength and power of the seven Archangels, we founded Angel Haven Specialty Jewelers as a way to offer customers across the country a trustworthy source of gold and silver angel jewelry.

From our unique designs to our incredible craftsmanship, every facet of our manufacturing process ensures lasting strength and beauty. We use only the highest grade silver, gold, and other materials in the loving creation of our guardian angel jewelry. Our process ensures your complete and total satisfaction with every purchase. Whether you seek guidance and protection for yourself or a loved one, want to connect to your archangel on a daily basis, or are seeking a loving tribute to the memory of a loved one, Angel Haven Specialty Jewelers offers quality angel jewelry items at a fair and competitive rate.

Discover power and confidence through the wisdom and strength of your archangel with Angel Haven Specialty Jewelers. To find out which angel oversees your life’s path, click here and enter your birth date. 

Who We Are

Founded by Norm Braverman, Angel Haven Specialty Jewelers first opened its doors in Mystic, Connecticut over 20 years ago. Feeling a deeply personal and spiritual connection to a higher power, Norm was compelled to share the gifts that the archangels impart on the living beings of our celestial plane. Angel Haven Specialty Jewelers in the Olde Mistick Village was his solution to helping others. Expanding with an online store, we now offer all of our unique jewelry items, accessories, and figurines to followers across the US.

By offering high-quality jewelry and gift items emblazoned and embossed with the images of the seven archangels, Norm and the rest of the store’s team shares their knowledge and passion for spiritual divination. The powerful assistance of the archangels are a true gift from the universe. We hope to help you tap into that help to improve your life and protect you from harm. Thank you for your patronage and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we would love to receive your feedback.

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