Who Is My Archangel?: A Look at the Seven Guardian Angels

“Who is my archangel?” If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you’re in the right place. At Angel Haven, we believe in the transformative power or knowing the guardian angel who watches over your life. It’s why we’ve put together our helpful Find My Archangel tool. Simply enter your birthdate and we’ll tell you more about the angel who has been assigned to guard your life as well as a daily affirmation to keep in mind.

There are seven archangels who watch over us, and in today’s post, we’d like to share a bit more information about each of these angels. We believe that it’s important to get to know the guardian angel who is always nearest to us. It’s part of why we offer a great selection of archangel jewelry. Our necklaces, pins, and pendants are lovingly made and meant to be used as reminders that we have help when times get tough. Keep reading to learn more about the guardian angels and order a piece of jewelry today to keep close to you!


The Seven Archangels


Saint Michael

Often considered the strongest of all angels, Saint Michael is known for justice, mercy, and righteousness. Accordingly, Saint Michael also helps to rid people of the doubt, fear, and uncertainty that are present in their lives, offering support during times of change. One of the most wonderful and beautiful things about Archangel Michael is that he can help to release courage and purpose.


Saint Gabriel

For many, the thing that stands out about Saint Gabriel is the fact that she is a woman. Believed to be an incredibly strong communicator, Gabriel assists God in delivering messages to people in need. Additionally, she offers assistance to writers, teachers, and artists in helping them to properly articulate their message to the world. A guide in conception, Gabriel is also present in pregnancies, birth, and the raising of children.


Angel Camael

Who couldn’t use some more vision in their lives? Angel Camael comes to the aid of these people, offering a knowledge of the connections between things. Ordained to bring peace while diminishing negativity and fear, Camael helps those looking for the strength they need to move forward in life, healing broken relationships and bringing positivity to others in the process.


Saint Raphael

For those looking for healing, Saint Raphael helps to share the burden needed physically, mentally, and emotionally. You’ll often find those providing medical assistance with Saint Raphael jewelry as a reminder that he offers assistance in curing ailments, restoring peace, and bringing harmony to the lives of those he watches over.


Angel Metatron

Metatron, the angel who guards the Tree of Life, is one who keeps track of everything good in Heaven and on the Earth. Many believe that Metatron was once the prophet Enoch of the Old Testament. Upon ascending to Heaven, Enoch became Metatron, taking the role of sharing with people how to discover the divine light within themselves and bringing abundant life to others.


Saint Uriel

The illuminating light of wisdom is granted by Saint Uriel, the angel tasked with helping people connect to the light and love of God. For those seeking answers to difficult questions, Uriel is the angel who will shine a light upon the path. As an angel present in intercession, Uriel helps to bring divine gifts to those in need of assistance.


Angel Cassiel

The Guardian Angel Cassiel is known for offering the speed of God by which people can learn about the balance of good and bad in their lives. Ultimately, Cassiel reminds people that we cannot have good without bad. Interestingly, Cassiel also presides over the creatures of the sea, using its energy to cleanse away negative thoughts, bringing balance and clarity.


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