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Angel Haven Specialty Jewelers is giving away a FREE Sterling Silver Angel Pendant to a lucky winner once a month for all of 2020! To do this we need to enlist your help.

Nominate someone to win a free sterling silver angel pendant from Angel Haven. Tell us why you would like that person to win, it could be your neighbor, a teacher, a fireman, a school bus driver, a waiter/waitress, the person who makes your coffee every day in your favorite coffee shop, anything goes! All entries will be given the same attention and thought process as we choose a winner every month for 2020.

Follow us on Facebook to look for the winner to be announced. We will announce the winner by the 10th of the following month. All entries will remain active throughout the whole year. No need to resubmit an entry.

Please join in and help us to make 2020 a special year for a very special angel

Wishing you and your angel all the very best,


Angel Haven Specialty Jewelers

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