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The graduating high school class of 2020 from Stonington Ct nominated Kenneth Cote

The graduating high school class of 2020 from Stonington Ct nominated Kenneth Cote as teacher of the year

Kenneth will be receiving the Gabriel Angel pendant.

Archangel Gabriel is the angel of communication and teaching

colleen may winner.jpg

PatriciaJo from NY Nominated Colleen from North Carolina

Below is why Patricia Jo felt Colleen was worthy of a nomination:

Colleen is a great young lady from a wonderful family. Colleen graduated last May from college and became an RN, passing her boards the first time. I am so proud of her. Colleen's dad was police officer for 30 years in New York and a volunteer firefighter. Service runs in their blood. Colleen is now an emergency room nurse in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has been exposed to the virus on a daily basis and she stays strong and keeps on working.

Colleen will be receiving the Raphael Angel,

The Angel of Healing. Very appropriate for an RN

Jeannette From Illinois Nominated Marg

Below is why Jeannette felt Marg was worthy of a nomination:

She truly is an earth angel. She helps everyone family, friends, and strangers. Her actions include: kind words, sending food, driving someone who needs a ride, donating to several organizations, and listening and offering encouraging words. Several people have experienced her helpfulness.

The world is a better place because of her

Jill From Pennsylvania Nominated Her Husband Chris

Below is why Jill felt Chris was worthy of a nomination:

Angels have been special to us for years. At our wedding reception a glass angel was found with our gifts and no one claims to have given it to us. I have 2 open heart angel necklaces he gave me. We have quite a few Angel's around our house. The reason he deserves to be nominated is because he's my angel and has been there for me through my mom passing, several surgeries and more.

winner.12345 chuck.png

Sylvia From Texas Nominated Chuck

Below is why Slyvia felt Chuck was worthy of a nomination:

Chuck is a driving force in our community combating the drug epidemic, violence and theft here. He has helped rescue people during Hurricane Harvey, feed the hungry and protect the elderly. Chuck is our little piece of the community angel.


Kathie From Connecticut Nominated Her Sister-In-Law Lori

Below is why Kathie felt Lori was worthy of a nomination:

I would like to nominate my sister-in-law Lori. On Nov 8, 2019 she and my brother lost their 31 year old daughter in a tragic accident. Traci left behind a husband and two daughters age 4 and 2. My sister-in-law has been so strong during this sad time making sure her grand daughters have a mother figure in their lives. She also will never let the girls forget what a kind and loving person their mother was. Lori deserves the angel as a constant reminder that her daughter will always be with her and to give her strength in helping to raise her daughter's children