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Permanent Jewelry FAQ

How do they work?

Once you choose a chain, we custom size it to your liking. Once sized, a jump ring or clasp is added on, depending on your preference. Someone on our sales team will then close the ring by spot-welding it. This ensures that the jump ring will not open. If you choose to get a connector added, we would use two jump rings rather than one, but the process overall is still the same.


What should I do if I need to take it off?

No worries, life happens! If you ever need to cut the bracelet off, we recommend cutting on the jump ring we weld. This way, if you wanted us to re-weld the chain or add a clasp, the chain itself is unharmed.  


What should I do if my bracelet breaks?

If the bracelet breaks for any reason, we are always here to fix it at no additional charge! You are welcome to come in and have us re-weld the chain or add a clasp for easy on and off. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call or send us an email/text addressing the problem. If you are unable to come back to our shop, send us the chain in the mail and we can send it back with a clasp, also at no additional charge. All you'd need to pay for is the postage for sending it to us in the mail. In your package, make sure to include your information (phone number, address, etc) and a letter letting us know if you want anything added (such as charms) and if the the chain is still a good fit. If the chain feels like it is too tight, we can add additional length using an extender. If too loose, measure a bracelet (or anklet depending on your jewelry) that fits and let us know what size is good for you!


Unlike a pop-up shop,

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